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Tomatoes growing at Green Central

Produce Donated since 2014: 
29,529 pounds 

The Greenhouse Project

Growing, Giving & Teaching for a
Healthier, Greener, Sustainable Community.

The Greenhouse Project (TGP) is a nonprofit with a mission of providing healthy produce for the residents in our community who are food insecure. Since our first harvest in 2012 - a beautiful crop of lettuce - TGP has grown. Green Central, which is our main site, is located at Carson High School and offers work-based learning for the students. Here, we have added an outdoor classroom, and a Native Plant Nursery & Composting Program. The goal of this program is to expand TGP’s teaching diversity and to provide funding streams to ensure TGP’s work continues long into the future. TGP also includes Foothill Garden, which is a collaborative project with, and located at, Carson Tahoe Medical campus. We also continue to offer our gleaning program, and provide flower baskets each summer to Downtown Carson City. Our gratitude to the community for its continued support through the years.


TGP has been growing fresh produce and providing it to our community's food insecure via our community partners since 2012. TGP's collaboration with Carson Tahoe Hospital beginning in 2017, has extended our reach and the ability to provide more produce! Not only have our gardens grown, but also our educational opportunities, the Gleaning and Flower Basket programs, and the amount of donors and supporters we have. TGP continues to grow with the help and support of our community. 


TGP was founded on the principle that no one should go hungry and was created as a response to feed those in need. With the help of our partners, we are able to give healthy and locally grown produce to the food insecure in our community year round. Our Gleaning Program is a way for community members to give by inviting our fruit pickers to come harvest growers fruit trees. TGP also is supported by the generous giving of our donors and members of our many  sponsorship programs. 


TGP offers an agricultural education program at Carson High School. This program offers Plant Science, Greenhouse Management, and students with disabilities an opportunity at work-based learning. The learning and teaching opportunities continue to grow as we begin our Native Plant Nursery & Composting Program. At Foothill Garden, we host free education workshops focused on gardening in Northern Nevada. We also provide volunteer trainings so that people can become successful desert gardeners!

Three Locations

Inside the Greenhouse at Green Central

Green Central is our home base at Carson High School. The greenhouse, hoop houses, raised beds, and orchards are located here. This is where the agriculture students at Carson High get hands-on opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills. The flowers for the downtown petunia baskets are started and grown here as well. This site also grows the majority of the food which is donated to the various food banks in Carson City.

In 2017, TGP began collaborating with Carson Tahoe Health in expanding its Foothill Garden site, located behind the hospital’s Cancer Center. Foothill Garden has grown to include a hoop house, garden beds, an orchard and an expanded Serenity Trail, which provides solace and peace to patients, their families and staff who visit. This site provides vegetables year round to senior citizens in our community through Meals on Wheels and to Eagle Valley Children's Home.

Hoop House at the Foothill Garden Site

3 Sustainability Hub

With a focus on expanding educational opportunities for students and creating new funding streams, TGP acquired the Sustainability Hub in 2022. A native plant nursery and compost project are being established on this property that is adjacent to the existing teaching farm at Green Central.  Graciously, the School District has allowed us to develop nearly two acres behind Carson High, half of which will be used to cultivate plants native to Northern Nevada and half to be used to create compost using the school district’s as well as several Carson City restaurants' pre-consumer food waste, which is mixed with green waste from local arborists. We aim to continue closing the loop within our local food system, using regenerative practices, for a sustainable future.

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