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Join our Gleaning Program

Donate your fruit, or become a fruit tree picker! Either way, you get to join us in providing produce for the food insecure in our community.

Has your fruit tree gotten away from you? Do you have more fruit than you know what to do with? The Greenhouse Project can help! 

We will coordinate with volunteers who will come to the grower's tree to pick the fruit and TGP will donate it to the local nonprofits that we partner with who feed our Carson City community.  

We are looking for growers who may have quality fruit that needs to be picked. 
Our maximum picking height is about 20 ft. If the majority of your fruit is above this height, we may not be able to assist you.  Please include a picture of your trees and fruit (there is a “file upload” function on the associated Gleaning Form). If you have apples, a picture of the seeds is also helpful to determine ripeness.
It is very helpful that growers contact us at the first sign of ripeness. We cannot collect unripe or inedible fruit, such as crabapples, or other ornamental type fruit like tiny plums and/or peaches. 
As mentioned on the Gleaning Form, gleaning requests will be accepted through October 1st. The Gleaning Form provides an opportunity for you to enter the anticipated ripeness date. Fruit that is donated must be unblemished and has no broken skin.

Fill out the Gleaning Form here!  

All pickers are volunteers.  We understand that their time may be limited. We ask our volunteer pickers to commit up to 4 man-hours of service per viable tree. 
Pickers are trained and assigned to determine ripeness, quality and accessibility of fruit trees.  Pickers and growers work together to arrange a picking time that works for both parties. 

We typically pick fruit until daylight savings time ends and we reserve September, October and early November for pears and apples.

If you are interested in being a Fruit picker, email Christin at

You can also Pick Your Own Fruit and Donate it!

If you need fruit picked immediately, please consider self-picking and donating to one of our many Community Partners


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