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Our Story

Mission: Growing, giving and teaching for a healthier, greener, sustainable community.

The Greenhouse Project (TGP) is a nonprofit with a mission of providing healthy produce for the residents in our community who are food insecure. Since our first harvest in 2012 - a beautiful crop of lettuce - TGP has grown. Green Central, which is our main site, is located at Carson High School, and offers work-based learning for the students. Here, we have added an outdoor classroom, and a Native Plant Nursery & Composting Program. The goal of this program is to expand TGP’s teaching diversity and to provide funding streams to ensure TGP’s work continues long into the future. TGP also includes Foothill Garden, which is a collaborative project with, and located at, Carson Tahoe Medical campus. We also continue to offer our gleaning program, and provide flower baskets each summer to Downtown Carson City. Our gratitude to the community for its continued support through the years. 

Shown is a painting of a hand with corn in the background.

The Vision

We will continue to broaden our mission of growing healthy produce for those in our community who are food insecure by furthering our outreach of promoting community gardens, expanding our sponsored flower basket program for downtown corridor beautification, and sharing growing expertise for a vibrant Carson City. The Greenhouse Project will continue to foster cross generational volunteerism and involvement by encouraging collaboration with other civic minded community entities. As our vision expands, jobs will be created to manage additional operations. Funding The Greenhouse Project will be accomplished by procuring permanent, on-going capital resources including grants, donors and sponsors which will carry our vision into the future in a mutually beneficial and socially responsible capacity for the community.


Populations Served

An AmeriCorps Member harvesting kale in the greenhouse

We currently provide year-round fresh produce to 7 community organizations who serve the food insecure of our community. We also contribute to the curriculum of the Carson High School agricultural students through on-site education and supply the CHS culinary arts department with produce. All students learn about sustainable practices by helping with planting and nurturing Greenhouse crops as well as flower baskets for the downtown corridor beautification.

Organizational History

In 2009 a dream was realized by long-time civic leader, community advocate and successful restauranteur, Karen Abowd, and local attorney, Janette Bloom after becoming aware of severe food shortages among the under-served segment of Carson City. They began plans for a community greenhouse to serve this population and provide healthful produce.

Major Accomplishments


  • Began summer benefit concerts and auctions resulting in thousands of dollars in cash donations and multiple pledges for matching funds.

  • Secured letter of intent from the Carson City School Board for the lease of one-acre on the Carson High School campus (Green Central).


  • Established nonprofit Nevada corporation and nonprofit 501(c)(3) status.

  • Constructed 70 raised garden beds, a hoop house, lathe house and small orchard to establish gardens and trails to complement the on-site greenhouse, the first structure built.

  • Procured broad-band internet service.

  • Became an AmeriCorps volunteer site.


  • The Agricultural department at Carson high school was reestablished due to The Greenhouse Project’s influence as a teaching site, resulting in a full time CHS teaching position.

  • A Future Farmers of America chapter was established.


  • Foothill Garden was established in collaboration with Carson Tahoe Health on the hospital campus. Added one additional part-time, paid position for assistant manager to oversee the site.

  • Partnered with Harley Davidson Financial Services and Western Nevada Specialty Crop Institute for volunteers and community education.


  • Established Carson Tahoe Health Foothill Garden Monthly Learning Series for community education.


  • Recipient of the Golden Pinecone Sustainability award.

  • Initiated a Garden Club as an after-hours service opportunity for students.


  • Successfully raised funds and constructed our 400 sq. ft. classroom at Green Central to accommodate the growth in student interest.


  • Expanded the Green Central site at CHS to include additional 1.75 acres, to include composting and native plant nursery operations.


  • Became a certified Nevada Green Business

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