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Volunteer Training Program

We offer volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups!

Become an Empowered Volunteer

We offer volunteer opportunities in our gardens for individuals and groups! 


In February, 2022, we kicked off the beginning of our new volunteer program, The Roots, Shoots & Fruits Volunteer Training Program.

The goal of the Roots, Shoots, and Fruits Program is to train our volunteers to become specialized in each topic that we cover, and learn not only the techniques of certain gardening aspects, but also the science and philosophy behind the actions. 

Volunteers who complete the training and a specified amount of hours will earn badges and graduate to the next level of this volunteer program, starting with Roots and ending with Fruits. 

As volunteers become experts, they will have the ability to become leaders for future projects. 

Trainings are on a rotating schedule, and must be completed in order. When the first training becomes available, interested participants will be able to register. 

These trainings are free, but we do request that participants dedicate a minimum 20 hours a of hours honing their skills and helping out at our gardens. 

***must be 18 and older to participate in trainings, or accompanied by an adult***

Register or ask any questions by emailing Christin at

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